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Is Kubelance encrypted?
No, We don't believe scripts should be locked down with encryption, You can see and edit the full source code

Can I edit the layout of Kubelance?
Yes, You can easily change the layout via easy to edit HTML files

Can I remove the powered by notice in the footer?
Yes, You can remove this by editing the templates/grey/overall_footer.html file

Can I translate Kubelance into another language?
Languages are stored in easy to edit language files and you can easily create new ones

Will I receive support?
You will receive free support via email.

Will I receive updates?
You will receive 1 year of free updates, after one year you can renew updates for a very small fee

Which methods can I use to buy Kubelance?
We accept all major credit/debit cards and Paypal

Do you offer an installation service?
Yes, We will happily install Kubelance for free