Create a site where buyers can post projects/jobs and providers can bid on them.
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Feature List

Easy to edit html template files.

Simple wizard installation.

Charge a fee for each project and job.

Plugin payment system (allows for additional payment methods to be installed easily)

Supports Paypal and NoChex.

Easy to edit language files.

No need to setup a cronjob.

Powerful Admin panel for controlling your site.

1 year of upgrades .

Support via e-mail and forums

View your past transactions.

Buyers can pick a freelancer at any time.

Admin can manage the file types and size limit users can attach to projects.

When a project is posted, freelancers who might be interested are automatically alerted by email.

Buyers can add extra information to the bottom of their project description at any time.

Admin can edit project description.

Close a project at any time

Manage list of banned usernames, e-mails, and Pay Pal Adresses

Delete users accounts.

Manage Site Fees.

Find, edit and close projects.

Manage rules by regular expressions

Optional signup process users requires email verification

Set meta description and keywords

Create an unlimited amount ofproject and job categories.

A members account gets frozen automatically if their balance goes below zero

Buyers can close a project at any time

Buyers can attach files to there project

Buyers can extend the end date on their project.

Users can be rated and reviewed after they have completed a project